Swiss 1 Franc Coin Ring

65.00 EUR
Swiss 1 Franc Coin Ring

These Swiss 1 Franc beauties are the little sisters to the Swiss 2 Franc Coin Ring and the Swiss 5 Franc Coin Ring

Minted in 83% silver until 1967, it features a beautiful garland of alpine leaves and flowers on the outer band and 22 stars and Helvetia on the inside. 

This Swiss 1 Franc Coin Ring is slightly smaller than its 2 Franc counterpart and would suit smaller fingers. In fact, both the 1 and 2 Franc Coin Rings would make beautiful, alternative wedding rings, especially for nature lovers or those who feel a connection with Switzerland.

While the coin this particular ring is made from is mostly silver, it also contains copper which in some cases can cause a harmless, washable mark on your finger.  

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