Japan Meiji 20 Sen Coin Ring

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Japan Meiji 20 Sen Coin Ring

This ring is made from a Japanese 20 Sen Meiji coin minted in the late 1800s. The Meiji Era in Japanese history ran from 1868 to 1912 and represents the first half of the Empire of Japan.

Crafted in 80% silver, the outer band of the ring features Emperor Meiji's Imperial Seal with branches of Chrysanthemum and Paulownia. On the inner band “年一十三治明 · 本 日 大” translates as “Great Japan. Year 31 of Meiji”

This coin is one of the smaller coins we use and size Q (US 8) is the maximum size it can be made into. The ring has a band width of approximately 6 mm.

While the coin this particular ring is made from is mostly silver, it also contains copper which in some cases, can cause a harmless, washable mark on your finger.  

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