Irish Coin Fridge Magnets


Coin Fridge Magnets

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Adorn your fridge with a lovely reminder of Ireland's coin heritage. These sets of coin magnets are made from genuine Irish coins. The coins have been domed, patinated and a magnet has been fixed to the back. Choose from the Pre-Decimal set or the Decimal set.

The Pre-Decimal set (€25) consists of a Leat Pingin (half penny), Pingin (penny), Scilling (shilling) and Florin (two shillings). These coins were in circulation until 1968

The Decimal Set (€20) consists of a 2p (two pence), 5p (five pence), 10p (ten pence) and 50p (fifty pence) coin. These coins were in circulation until the introduction of the Euro in 2002.

  • Shipping for this set of magnets is €2.50 within Ireland and €3.50 to anywhere in the world..