1849 Godless Florin Coin Ring

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1849 Godless Florin Coin Ring

The 1849 Florin came as quite a shock to the public and (allegedly) to Queen Victoria herself, because of the inscription, VICTORIA REGINA 1849, omitting the usual D G for Dei Gratia (By the Grace of God). This resulted in the coin being known as the "Godless florin". Further controversy was caused by the omission of the usual abbreviation F D for Fidei Defensor (Defender of the Faith): the Master of the Mint, Richard Lalor Sheil, an Irishman, and a Roman Catholic, was suspected by some of plotting to overthrow the Protestant regime. Sheil said that the inscription had been a mistake, and the florin was redesigned to include the religious references for its next issue in 1851.

This florin is minted in sterling silver (92.5%) and, once crafted into a ring, the outer band reads "one florin, one tenth of a pound" between four crowns.

The Godless Florin was only minted in 1849 and the date is on the inner band along with VICTORIA REGINA.

We make the Godless Florin into rings sized from O (US 7) to W (US 11). The band is approximately 8mm in width. The ring pictured is a size O (US 7), your ring will look slightly different depending on what size you choose.

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